You’d expect your heart surgeon to have the most up to date equipment and techniques. Shouldn’t you expect the same from your dentist?


When you’re in our office,
this should be the only chair you sit in.


We know your time is valuable.
When you show up for an appointment you shouldn’t have to sit around in a waiting room reading crappy magazines.

TOP 5 things you’ll never hear in our office:

1. “Have a seat in our waiting room.”
2. “Sign in and complete these forms.”
3. “Settle in, this might take a while.”
4. “We’ll finish up as soon as that pink goo hardens.”
5. “Sit right here while we wait for your X-rays to develop.” 

Can’t wait to get your teeth fixed?
You’ve come to the right place.


Of course we have a state of the art facility, but there’s nothing technologically advanced about working efficiently. At Crosstown Dental Group we value your time, and it shows.

Think one visit dentistry is a thing of the future? CEREC makes multiple visits a thing of the past.

Are you ready to make an appointment?

We rely on AMD lasers to deliver high quality care with efficiency and precision.


  • "I honestly don't even remember what the lobby looked like!! I never sat in there."

  • "This practice not only has the sweetest and knowledgeable staff but this practice was built with a total patient process in the forefront. The vision and direction Dr Bird and his amazing staff are embarking on is going to be something very special! Check this place out! You will not be sorry! Thank you for all of your hospitality today Crosstown Dental Group!!!”

  • "I would never have imagined I would be writing about a positive experience having a root canal! It was fast, painless and all taken care of in just one visit. Also way more cos effective than my previous dentist. Excellent job."

  • "The atmosphere is amazing. The attention to the small details is on point. It does not smell like a dentist office. I was able to listen to great music and watch General Hospital while they worked in my mouth. I was never in a waiting room nor was I left sitting in the really comfortable chair for long."

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