Lasers play a significant role in our advanced processes at Crosstown Dental. They are used to remove tooth decay and bacteria, to reshape gums in the treatment of gum disease, to remove lesions and abnormal growths, and to speed up the process of curing fillings and whitening teeth.

We utilize two types of this innovative technology: soft tissue lasers and hard tissue lasers, allowing us to reduce the need for scalpels and drills as cutting instruments. Soft tissue lasers penetrate soft tissue while sealing blood vessels and nerve endings, allowing for the removal of excess tissue much more comfortably for the patient, without the need for sutures. Bleeding and swelling are minimized and usually there is very little post-op sensitivity.

Our dental hygienists also use the soft tissue laser in conjunction with traditional tools to better sterilize and clean periodontal pockets

Hard tissue lasers, used primarily to cut bone and teeth, allow us to prepare tooth surfaces and carefully remove cavities and spots of decay, most of the time without the use of any anesthetic. In many instances there is less pain involved during the treatment and we are usually able to preserve more healthy tooth.

As technology evolves and advances, we are committed to incorporating cutting-edge tools and techniques along with tried and true methods in oral hygiene and dental procedures. Laser technology provides effective and precise treatments that can minimize anxiety, pain and recovery time and maximize positive outcomes for our patients.