Crosstown Clear is our version of clear removable aligners. The typical aligner therapy experience requires dental scans to be sent to an off site lab with weeks of wait time, but at Crosstown Dental Group, we have the technology in our lab to make our own clear aligners in house! By putting the aligners together in house, we can provide clear aligners for over half the cost.

What about the DIY aligner kits I can request by mail?

Unlike mail-in aligner kits, Crosstown Clear is monitored and controlled by a licensed dentist. Our aligners are also far more effective, as we implement adhesive buttons to the aligners that allow the teeth to move with the aligners.

How long does this process usually last?

If the aligners are worn 23 hours per day as directed, a Crosstown Clear aligner therapy case will typically last 4-8 months on average. We provide our patients with a retainer to wear after the process is complete to maintain results.