Our patients’ valuable time is as important to us as their dental health. CEREC technology allows us to speed along the process of getting a crown, which when done through the traditional method can take up to two weeks. Now, patients can walk in for a diagnosis and leave the office with a permanent crown on the same day.

CEREC utilizes Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology to eliminate the discomfort and messiness of impression trays and the need for temporary crowns, enabling your dentist to prepare the tooth, scan the tooth and create a virtual image from which the doctor designs and constructs your crown — all chairside. Instead of sending an impression to a lab to fabricate the crown, it is milled out on site. No more waiting with a temporary crown that may or may not stay put until the permanent crown returns from the lab; CEREC Crown technology delivers a high-quality, custom-made crown in a fraction of the time and will have you smiling again in a single visit.

Not only is CEREC technology a time-saver, it also enables the dentist to use diagnostic imaging for virtual wax-ups (as opposed to real wax models) of the teeth of patients who are facing or considering some type of dental restoration. A wax-up not only helps the doctor prepare for treatment, it provides the patient with an accurate representation of the end result and allows them to visualize the changes before undergoing any procedures.

CEREC technology, which is also used to scan the mouth to design orthodontic cases, is a game-changer for both dentists and patients. The frustration, inconvenience and discomfort patients may associate with traditional crowns is now a thing of the past, thanks to this high-tech device that delivers durable dental solutions in hours instead of days or weeks.