The days of processing film X-rays are behind us; the future is digital and Crosstown Dental is utilizing cutting-edge imaging to create computer-generated virtual views of your head and teeth to assist in diagnoses and to enhance treatment plans.

Using the latest in 3D scanning and cone beam technology, we can obtain a sophisticated image of the structure of the head and mouth from multiple angles, which provides extensive visual information with which to study a case. This safe and comfortable digital imaging provides instant feedback, allows for a more thorough diagnosis, and ensures precision and accuracy in treatments such as implant placement.

Further, the merging of CEREC crown technology with cone beam technology means an expanded menu of services for our patients, as well as more treatment options.

A simple, painless scan provides the most accurate representation of your head and mouth possible, enabling your dentist to catch issues that might otherwise be missed during a visual examination. There are a host of other benefits to 3D scanning and cone beam technology over traditional X-rays: they are more environmentally friendly, emit far less radiation, area instantly accessible and are easily transferrable. Any way you look at it, utilizing high-tech methods means you are receiving the highest level of care and service we can make available to our patients.